So you've decided to give a listen to Brunch.


First, you should know that Brunch is the new album from Genuine Leather. It isn't going to be like other albums they've released.

Genuine Leather has 16 total tracks recorded which will eventually become the full album, but they're not going to come out all at once.

No, no.

The tracks are going to be released one by one, on a weekly basis, starting July 1, 2016.

They will come out for 16 weeks straight.

All of the songs will be released first on Genuine Leather's Soundcloud page. They'll then be made available here so they're easy to find. Once all the songs have been released, the entire album will be made available for purchase and download in its complete format. Possibly CD. Possibly tape. Vinyl seems out of the question.

We hope you enjoy this little experiment.